Nothing is Better or Worse than Anything

scenicA nurse’s calling is our vocation and it is not for everyone. We all have our unique interests and talents in life. No matter what career we have, we feel compelled to do our best- to contribute in some way to make the world a better place.  We have to ask ourselves, “What benefit there is there to be in the field we are in? Are we happy to do what we do? Or, or do we just keep going to collect a paycheck?”

Nurses need to be strong inside and out. We must to be able to smile no matter how we are being treated. With the ACA passed and customer satisfaction survey results now published and freely available on the Internet, Healthcare Providers are under unprecedented pressure to perform. Nurses are expected to give 200% service to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have to be detail oriented and respond quickly when the need arises. It’s so stressful, but we radiate what we feel inside. It shows on our face and we may not even realize it. We are human like every single one of us, we are not perfect yet we can make a difference by continuing to move forward in gratitude even we have the most chaotic day or night- even when everyone around us are all are finding faults and complaining instead of helping to make it better. The greatest lesson to remember is to take ownership of the responsibility and never blame anyone else for the failures.

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A Meaningful Struggle

ChallengeWe are all created equal and by all means we are expected to treat others as we want to be treated as well. Humanity consists of different races, colors, shapes and sizes- and we are all equal no matter where we live under the sun. Likewise, we all share this physical space, and our actions do tend to affect each another in various ways. It seems that no matter how hard we work to live life to the fullest, we sometimes encounter evil people that are not happy about the positive energy in others.

As fate would have it, I wound up in the so called the “melting pot” of the world and I have experienced great opportunity and also great cruelty from small people; who, for as much as they want success, it has proven elusive to them for whatever reason so instead of improving themselves they have chosen to push others down to satisfy their need for significance. I am grateful for the contrast that these small people bring, and the big challenges they create for themselves and those around them.  Those challenges create opportunities for us to grow wiser, stronger, bigger.

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Challenges I Couldn’t Understand

VictoryLife is great, no matter what, but there are times that we think we are trapped and left without a choice. As a working nurse, mother and a wife I need to balance everything to be effective. Keeping my energy positive is essential to function well or else everything piles up and becomes chaotic. The magnetic force of negativity lures us in. We must use our willpower to be stronger and focus on solutions instead of problems to avoid derailment of our dreams. Giving up when life presses us will not solve the issues, it will just make it worse.

As humans we all have our goals and hopes that things will get better the next day, week and year. As a nurse, I should be flexible with my routines and be able to handle everything. From time to time I feel disappointed that things don’t go the way I expect them to.  I am grateful that I am strong and collected to face today’s opportunities and carry on for a better tomorrow.

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The Beauty of The Next Day light


“The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won’t wait while you do the work.” -Anonymous

For almost thirty four years, I was separated from my biological family. I considered myself an orphan for a long time until one day in March 2012 our doorbell rang while my husband and I were eating breakfast in Texas. The DHL carrier handed my husband a simple white envelope from my country the Philippines. My husband said, Honey you got mail and he teased me, “This might be from your sister.” I exclaimed and asked him: What? I don’t have a sister! I scrutinized the envelope and opened the letter after breakfast. Yes indeed it was a letter from my long lost sister. She mentioned to me that my mother and sister were waiting for me in the Philippines for a reunion, but our father had passed away five years ago.

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The Dance Steps For Joy

shutterstock_101792287Our lives are orchestrated with challenging and meaningful experiences and constant change each day. From the moment that we wake up until the very last minute that we retire, we have to deal with major daily routines. Whether it is a very busy day or an uneventful day, we each get to choose what the day’s events mean to us. The ups and downs of our day are like the sound of music from a variety of instruments playing together to create the great sounds of life. It is full of joy if we master the secret of how to listen to the rhythm of each day’s challenges and changes.

Often I have questions that I can’t seem to find the answer to, like when I was growing up I tried to learn how to dance, but I could not follow simple dance steps because I thought I couldn’t. I have always had the desire to do more, but due to my perceived limitations I was unable accomplish everything all at the same time without ample time to practice. I have begun to realize that my own thoughts were holding me back. Now I try to analyze the meaning of each event in my life and take responsibility for my experiences. The melody of life is mastering the key steps to success.

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Happiness Shall We Need

General DiscutssionAs a busy working nurse, mother and wife my plate is always overfull. I have so many plans and goals in life, but sometimes I ask myself how much happiness does a person really need? I have noticed that when I make less money or more money it seems that we survive either way. People adapt no matter what to survive. The more money we have the more stuff we want until we reach the point that we feel nothing is enough.

The Holidays are supposed to be times to relax and celebrate the joy of life and togetherness. Instead, they end up becoming an overwhelming event for all of us with all the shopping and decorating to do for the so called “Holiday Spirit.” Each year I always want to buy everybody a little token in the spirit of giving, but this year my husband and I decided to minimize the gift buying and chose to gather all our closest friends and family for a simple get together delight to catch up, because for us it seems most satisfying to spend time with those we care about rather than buying them a bunch of stuff.

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A Simple Satisfaction

Nursing CareWhether we like it or not we are all born for a purpose- to make an impact to the lives of others and the world. There are times that we sigh and say “I never get what I want, never want what I get, never have what I like and I don’t like what I have, I want something else.” With this mentality we can make poor decisions and create chaos in our lives. When things don’t go the way we want, we blame other people. We love to blame the president on the downfall of our economy, which is holding us down.

Most of the time we simply don’t realize what we’ve got and instead we focus on what we are missing. There is a lingering emptiness within if we are not grateful for the blessings we have each day. The simple satisfaction I feel as a nurse, a wife and human is by embracing my vocation as a calling to love and care. I am very much aware that my love is never an assurance that I will be appreciated back. I am just happy to render my humble service to the people that need it most and try not to blame anybody for whatever misery life brings me. I have so much love within me that nothing is impossible no matter what. Appreciated or not, I go on and find satisfaction through my daily deeds.

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From The Heart

shutterstock_29762827It is love from the heart that unites family and keeps a strong faith. When times are tough it is easy to fall into the “life is greener on the other side of the fence” mentality. So often this leads to tragic mistakes and regrets that can change our lives forever. We find that our problems often follow us to the other side of the fence. Or worse, new and even more challenging problems begin to sprout. It turns out that happiness and satisfaction doesn’t come from being on one side of the fence or the other, it comes from within. Somehow, I have learned that when things take a turn for the worse you must focus and keep on going. The trials that we go through have a purpose. There are reasons that we may not understand right now, but they eventually turn out to serve us in some way.

I once had an experience way back when I was very young and innocent. A person whom I thought was my best of friends and my family betrayed me. Then at the end his wife mocked and said the most dehumanizing words against me. I am not sure if was due to her insecurities, but she was very cruel. Being raised in the convent with lack of experience and not enough understanding of human behavior, I felt self-pity. When I would remember those moments I would cry until I couldn’t cry anymore. As an orphan with no parents or family to lean on I felt alone in my suffering. The experience was devastating for me and I dwelt on that for a long time.

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Amidst The Chaos

Tips of the WeekThe current world economic crisis is affecting everything and everyone in some way. We each have a different way of responding to it though. Some people are not affected, some are concerned but feel helpless, and some are panicking and making decisions that lead to the derailment of their lifetime dreams. One strategy that we can all do is to never give up our positive principles and integrity, thus doing the right thing no matter what.

There are so many things that can affect our thoughts and decisions each day, but we must stay on target and our goals. It is important to keep in mind that everything is temporary. The world is always in a state of change. It is not our circumstances that define us, but how we handle those circumstances that will determine the outcome.

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Mistakes Are A Responsibility

FamilyAs a mother of a single child, I tend to be very over protective. This summer, prior to my daughter’s second grade we decided to go on a vacation. While packing our suitcases my little child wanted to help. Of course, by “help” I mean dance, and bounce here and there, hopping around with her tongue sticking out. However the room was very crowded with suitcases and things to be packed, so I told her to stay seated for a little bit so she wouldn’t get hurt.

When I turned my back she promptly resumed hopping. When I returned to the room after two minutes she reported that her left big toe was wounded and bleeding. She accidentally hit the suitcase. It was a small scrape but I was very upset because our upcoming trip involved a lot of walking, I was thinking that she would not be able to enjoy it because of the wounded toe. I scolded  her and she cried. I made her aware that a mistake is a responsibility.

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